Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bewitching Blogs

Surfing blogs is mostly an enjoyable pastime, even if it’s merely to score a few credits and traffic for your own.

What encourages me to wander off the surfing-go-round and into cyberspace on my lonesome is when a blogroll has titles that are just too intriguing not to click. Make negative assumptions about my character if you wish, but some recent favourites have included:

Discover JordanWhy? Last time I was there I was strip-searched and then stared at by every single male in the Amman airport for the next eight hours. The whole place smelled of armpits.

Something Amphibian Between the Sheets – Chronicling the blogger’s poor choice of sexual partners or admitting that poor household hygiene has resulted in a rather unique pest problem.

Poxanne – A chick with a thing for big noses; a prostitute in love with Sting or a sad case of cyber syphilis?

I Kick Ass for the Lord – Aw, bless your sweet heart. The Danes could use your skills right about now.

Everyone’s got one, so here’s mine – Hopefully this refers to a blog and not a veruca, a patch of excesma or that yucky white gunk you get on your tongue.

Envision Whirled Peas – Beautiful title, sheer poetry. Let us hope that this literary chocolate that will one day get the attention it deserves and finally scrape the talentless Bryce Courtenay and Sir Jeffrey Archer off their ill-deserved, crap-soaked perches

Insert Creative Title Here – We all know what that feels like.

The Loin King II – Bad pirated DVD English or D-grade porn: you decide.

Human Being User Manual – Wish I could remember where my copy was left, so hopefully it can be downloaded. Preferably in English, with easy-to-follow illustrations and with an unlimited warranty.

FARK – It hasn't yet been established whether this one is written by the reanimated Graham Kennedy, a flock of South Aussie magpies or an American with a sinus infection.

Granddaddy pull the curtains – Actually it was the title that intrigued me, not the idea of visiting the blog……

CrackHeadLogic – Just seeing the words 'Crackhead' and 'Logic' put together defies logic.

Mountain Biking is Fun – See previous title and then yes, maybe it is

Pocket Lint – Actually, this sounds more interesting than mountain biking…..

Gran’s on Bran – …… and so does this. However it would be preferable if there’s no photographs of the *evidence* that dear old gran, is, in fact, on bran.

Product May Include Traces of Nuts – Classic, champagne comedy unless it's written by a monkey of course.

I have not had Sex in Two Years – Most people wouldn’t be advertising that mate, and it might explain *why* you remain without any horizontal line dancin’ partners

No-one cares about your blog! – Too depressing to read

Hot Girls from Afghanistan – Oh yeah baby, all the revealing eyebrows, tear ducts and nose bridges you're lusting after

My Sea monkeys have just turned a year old – You’ll be believed only if you include photos of them in the cartoon-style of the advertisements on the back cover of my 1970s comic books

I do SO have a life! – that’s nice dear

Uplifting Daily Christian Thoughts – and to think that this was linked to Hot Girls from Afghanistan

I wish Chocolate were a Vegetable - *sigh* me too, with high levels of folate, fibre, zinc and selenium. Oh and with no fat or sugar. And subsidised by the government.

Blog Fart – not to be confused with my old site, ‘Cyber Wedgie’

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Jez said...

"even if it’s merely to score a few credits and traffic for your own."
Exactly what I am doing, so do come along to In Medias Res, In Urbe or Egyptian Pharaohs!